Our Murakami library

Here are the novels, collections of short stories and books about Haruki Murakami that we have on our shelves. They are in UK publication date order except for the non fiction which follow at the end. We also have most of them on Kindle too but as we discovered in the small print recently you only lease a Kindle book edition and can’t pass it on as an inheritance.

There are two early works Pinball 1973 (1985) and Hear the Wind Sing (1987) which are not available in commercial English translations.

True when I wrote it but rectified in 2016 when a two-novel volume was published – see below.

Sheep chase + text
Hard boiled+ text
Wind up +text
Nor Wood+text
South, West+text
After quake+text
Willow, Woman+text
After dark+text
1Q bk1+2+3+text
Strange Library
Wind Pinball comp
Music of words+text
Diary 2009+text

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