The Retro-blogs

Santa Monica Ivy martini
Dee enjoying a martini at the Ivy, Santa Monica July 2014

There are a number of pieces I wrote two years ago but never got round to posting because on our return from America my wife became ill and was, after many false starts, diagnosed with genetic ovarian cancer. After multiple chemotherapy treatments and major surgery Denise died in December 2016.

I’ve decided partly for my own benefit as much as for anyone else’s enjoyment (although I hope there may be some of that too) to retro-blog the remainder of our US trip in 2014 and some of the things we did last year (2016) which circumstances prevented me from recording at the time. Dee’s indomitable spirit was not going to stop her enjoying what transpired to be our last year together. Her love of life, care for people, enjoyment of landscape, literature, art and music, food and wine – and the occasional cocktail – will live on with me. It’s a sad time but there are also 22 wonderful years we spent together to celebrate.

Adding to this pinned post after a year makes me realise just how lucky I was to have shared my life with Dee and how grateful I am to the family and friends who have helped me through my first difficult year of loss. It’s been a busy year in which I’ve cried, complained and been creased up with laughter at various moments. I started blogging when we were planning our trip to Japan in 2013 so it will be five years old in January 2018. Thanks to all of you who have followed it and commented. I enjoy keeping a record of my travels in this way and I’m delighted that some of you enjoy reading about them.

6 thoughts on “The Retro-blogs

  1. Good stuff Raggett. I enjoyed reading your previous posts and I’ll enjoy reading these.

    1. Hi Gwyn
      Must catch up soon. I’ve got about ten more of these to sort out now I’ve completed a big editing job so there will be a steady flow. Then I’m off to Spain for three weeks in May where I’ll probably blog some more.

  2. Hi Mike. A friend is in Japan now which had reminded me of your blogs – I look forward to catching up on them and reading the new ones. I’m off to Brazil next week to see my daughter who is working in Sao Paulo, enjoy Spain. Speak soon, Jeremy x

  3. Dear Mike, I have been following your recent posts as I had a fantastic holiday in Yosemite in 2005 after my partner died so I have very fond memories of some of the places you are talking about.

    I was so very sorry to hear of Denise’s passing, but having spent only a brief moment in time with you both, I can see you both lived and loved till the very end.

    Wishing you strength, comfort and the occasional cocktail! All the best, Natalya (BT Buddies)

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